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Coming Events-Cheryl A. Head

I've just returned from the Maine Crime Wave, a 2-day gathering of authors (most from the beautiful state of Maine, and nearby environs) and invited authors like me. I had a marvelous time. Met a lot of authors I've admired from afar, and authors new to me. I bought a few books, and participated in a couple of panels, and sold out all my copies of Time's Undoing. Here are a few photos.


Next weekend, it's off to St. Petersburg, FL to chat about Time's Undoing with the Florida Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America. At the end of the month, I'll participate in a Noir at the Bar at the Looking Glass lounge where the lineup includes: E. A. Aymar S. A. Cosby, Angie Kim, Eryk Pruitt, Alex Segura, and Art Taylor. Honored to be in this impressive lineup


Next month I'll visit the historic Friend Memorial Library in Brooklin, Maine for a reading on July 25, 2023 at 5 p.m.


In August, I'll start a southern tour with Time's Undoing. First in Birmingham at the Central Library, (8/3) then at the Mississippi Book Festival (8/19) and, hopefully, a stop in Atlanta. More detail to come.

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