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What a Difference a Positive Book Review Can Make

Authors always love to receive positive editorial reviews. I received more than a handful of really wonderful reviews for Time's Undoing from a variety of sources: Sun Sentinel, Tampa Bay Times, Library Journal, Detroit Free Press, The Atlantic, Oprah Daily, Bolo Books, Southern Bookseller Review, Criminal Element, NPR, and a dozen or more indie bookstores. But a good review from a reader? Well, that's what really makes a connection.

I'm always grateful when a reader likes my book. It's fire to the soul. I've also learned to shake off the not-so-good reviews, because not everyone has the same sensibilities or taste about creative work. So, what do you do but write the next book!

Every once in a while a wonderful review will not only bring gratitude, but will humble me. The review at this link is one of them.

"Time’s Undoing is proof that these stories must be told no matter how much pain they may bring because there is healing, release, and liberty in the telling."

It is such a leap of faith to believe that the words you commit in purpose of a story will have resonance with another. But it is always what writers do. We don't always have the same goals in our storytelling, but we all hope there will be at least one reader who will share our zeal for the story being told. Who gets it! My thanks to Audra (reader, podcaster, author).

"I am not one to cry when a book moves me. Instead, my spirit experiences a stillness that I can only assume is the deep satisfaction of reading a beautiful story."

And, to all the other readers who have read, and loved or liked, Time's Undoing and have taken the time to said so. My deepest thanks.

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