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More Coming Events: July & August

Still traveling, and talking about Time's Undoing. I'm having a ball because I'm very proud of this novel, and there's nothing I'd rather do than chat about the themes, plot details, and the process of writing this book.

Today (7/8), I had a conversation with the host of the local Weekend Edition Saturday, Michael King, on WAMU radio, you can hear the interview, here

On 7/25 I'll join my friend and fellow author, Brenda Buchanan in Brooklin, Maine to talk about our books and writing. We'll be at the historic Friend Memorial Library from 5-6 p.m.

In August, I'm heading South. On August 3, 2023 I'll head to the Central Library in Birmingham, Alabama. They have a wonderful, and hard working staff. The head librarian is also the city archivist, and has been very helpful to me in some of my research for Time's Undoing. I'll meet with readers, read an excerpt from the novel, and sign books provided by the amazing indie bookstore Thank You Books.

Later in the month, (8/19) I'll participate in the Mississippi Book Festival in Jackson on the grounds of the State Capitol.

This prestigious event is a day-long, indoor/outdoor celebration of books. It's called a literary lawn party. It's Free, and Open to All!!

In between, I'll be a virtual panelist at the OutWrite LGBTQ Literary Festival, August 12-13. Our topic: Queer Lives in Crime Fiction: LGBTQ+ Crime Writers in Conversation. The other panelists are fabulous: John Copenhaver, Renee James, Margaret Douaihy, Kelly Ford, and Robyn Gigl.

More Events to Come in September!!

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