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I've written before that riding a train is one of my favorite places to write. There's something about the rhythm of the wheels on the tracks; the jostling motion; the passing view. I recently spent two weeks in Maine starting the first leg of my journey on the train where I added some meat to the outline of my next Charlie Mack book, and put some words into the story. Next month I'll take another train journey. One of the things that always inspires my creativity is spotting what I call train art. You probably already know the view from the train is often of the wrong side of the tracks: industrial yards; salt mountains; junk yards; and empty lots. There are also the school yards, parks, neat development houses, people on train platforms, skylines, etc. But it's the grittier views that always seem to get the attention of this crime writer. Here's some train art from my most recent trip.

Keep writing. I will. And use whatever inspires you.

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