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Time's Undoing

There is a span of time between the completion of a book manuscript and it's publication that feels like a birth. In the case of my book, the gestation period parallels an Elephant.--close to two years. Now, with just a few days before the publication date, I have mixed emotions.

I've been talking a lot about the book, and will continue to do so for another month or so, as the publisher (Dutton Books) and I do the necessary work of publicity and marketing (see my current tour schedule, below). My anticipation that the book will do well, e.g. sell books and intrigue readers, is strong. Time's Undoing has had a modicum of pre-publication "buzz" and the splendid honor of being named a Indie Next Book for March 2023. Buzz is a tremendous commodity in the publishing landscape. I'm glad to have some, but beyond the buzz I hope my "baby" has the slow burn factor. That it will steadily and surely find an appreciative audience of readers.

If you read the book, let me know what you think. Leave a message on the Contact Form of my website, leave a review at Goodreads, or your favorite bookstore, or leave me a Tweet @cheaddc.

In the meantime, I'll be counting the days and the accompanying emotions.

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