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Counting Down to Book Launch

It's just over a month to the launch of Time's Undoing and, honestly, I have equal parts excitement and trepidation.

An author always wonders if a book will resonate with a large number of readers. All the editing work is done; the marketing and publicity efforts are underway; and the physical copies of the books are winding their way to final production. I'm from Detroit and I can't help thinking of the auto assembly line analogy. The publishing of a book requires many hands. Each doing their part to make the book ready to be delivered to bookstores. The bookstore--and libraries--are the auto showroom (if you will allow me to continue my analogy) where readers (customers) will "kick the tires" by looking at the book cover, picking it up to read blurbs, my bio, the book synopsis. Hopefully, they will thumb through a few pages, and (fingers crossed) head to the book counter with Time's Undoing in hand.

I'll be doing both a virtual and real-time book tour. More information to come on those details. Meanwhile, I'm on pins and needles hoping reviewers will like the book. On that note, I'm happy to share that Time's Undoing received a Starred Review from Booklist. There's an excerpt, below.

[Head] brings her gift for strong women protagonists and suspense to this tale about a young, Black female journalist from Detroit on a dangerous quest….Vivid and affecting….This heart-seizing tale even has a touch of the supernatural as it celebrates Black lives.” Booklist (STARRED REVIEW)

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