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Bouchercon 2023-California Dreamin'

Along with 1,700 other registrants, I'm headed to the world's largest gathering of mystery and crime fiction fans and writers in San Diego. The conference is called Bouchercon (named after Anthony Boucher an iconic writer and crime-fiction reviewer). I'm on the Bouchercon national board, so I'll be doing some work--a lot really--but I'm also looking forward to the fun I'll have meeting old friends, and meeting new folks, sharing meals and drinks and conversations. Hearing how other authors do their work, and sitting in on a couple of fun evening events, the Underrepresented Author Reception hosted by the Crime Writers of Color. I'm a member. And also hearing the juicy and dark readings of some of my fav authors at Noir at the Bar on Saturday night. The graphic shows where else I'll be to talk about Time's Undoing. Full report when I'm back at my desk. Thanks to K.T. Nguyen for the graphic.

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